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    KATERINA MERTIKAS (biography)


“I love vivid colours. I love the feeling the painting creates within me - especially when depicting children in all their joys and excitement. I try to capture the special, happy moments in our daily lives on every canvas I paint.” - Katerina Meritikas

MEET THE ARTIST!  Diana Paul Galleries invites you to "REJOICE!" an artist reception and sale of new works by Katerina Mertikas on Thursday, December 5 at the gallery from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM. This Exhibition also features three of the original paintings featured on the 2013 UNICEF and Hallmark Christmas cards. UNICEF Christmas cards are also available at the Gallery. Below are images of Katerina's exibition, "REJOICE!".

Works may be pre-sold.

We welcome inquiries about pricing, framing choices, and higher resolution images. The gallery does send email announcements of upcoming events. We would be pleased to add your email address to our confidential distribution list.

No Fear - 40x30 Through the Woods - 24x36 Shovelling Snowman - 16x8 - SOLD Our Weekend Escape - 36x24
Winter Aspens (Triptych) - 30x88 - SOLD Freshly Fallen Snow - 16x20 Fall Rhythms - 12x12 Looks Colder than it is! - 24x48
Postcard Material - 12x16 Every Day is Special - 12x12 With Fanfare - 24x30 - SOLD Treat Snow Day - 40x30
Put the Umbrella Away - 24x30 Winter can be Magic - 18x24 Rubber Boots - 30x36 Over the Bridge - 36x24
The Bus is Early! - 8x16 Decorate with Pumpkins - 30x24 Weekend Skiers - 16x8 Where's the Hill? - 36x24
With Friends on Field Trip - 40x30 Red Golden Autumn - 30x40 Glistening Streets - 20x28 Heading Home - 36x48
Backyard Rink - 20x24 Children at Play - 20x24 Quick Jump Off - 12x10 Speeding Down a Hill - 12x10
At Great Speed - 12x10 Happy Trio - 12x24 Cheer for Calgary - 12x16 Just want to have Fun - 24x48
After School Hockey Game - 30x60 Tall Trees - 36x24 What We Love - 24x36 Slide Tonight - 16x20
The Usual Suspects - 24x36 Some Serious Hockey - 24x20 Topsy Turvy - 16x12  


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